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As I sit down to write this, my first tumblr, with a fresh coffee and only a couple of hours until I have to be at work; the sun has risen offering the beginnings of yet another day in the journey that is life.

Thoughts of planning my next career direction, next band interview with Boy & Bear for Australian Times, next songwriting session, next travel expedition and next country I want to live in are already floating around in my head and it’s still only early in the day. Maybe I should have made myself a stronger coffee. 

In the past little while I’ve gone from Nashdale to London and back again. I took a gamble: boarded a plane with only a 20kg of luggage and a one way ticket. After experiencing Russia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, I set up digs in London living in a room the size of a disabled toilet. Throw in an Editor’s job that while life-consuming continues to open many doors not only professionally but personally, and I feel it’s fair to say I’ve been living a a fairly fast pace in the past couple of years. After an average adolescence, I finally felt like I had grown up and the anonymity of city life had me in my element. 

Now a new chapter begins, or does it?…

I returned from London at the end of August and am now living with my parents in their little slice of paradise: the family home. They live on couple of acres, with great gardens, an orchard and vegie patch, with the galahs, kookaburras, magpies, wallabies and a wild blue-tongue lizard as a guest in the garden. There’s some very lovely views from the balcony of their lavish abode which complimented with some hard-earned lavish features and furnishings. It’s all very ‘relax and stretch out’ stuff, compared to the grey skies and views of broken down high street buildings from my bedroom window in London. 

Life, with a view in Nashdale.

I am again a daughter, sister and long-time friend living back in the lives of those who have known me and can tell my history in ‘the country’ where nothing is secret. Looking at the lives of the people around me, times have changed and everyone’s a little older. Adolescents have turned into Grown-Ups. 

My friends have had children, married their partners, saved money in the bank, secured decent jobs, acquired fancy cars and built lavish houses of their own.

So my well-worn backpack, memories of life on the other side of the world and written works are the only things to vouch for as to why I look a little older and am more-rounded after too much French cheese and Italian wine. All this must be confusing to those who don’t fancy airport lounges.

I have no idea what I’m going to be doing in 30 minutes, let alone next week or next year. Hardly the behaviour of a responsible adult. Or is it? 

I have never felt as fulfilled as I was while travelling, living overseas and working on that level as a journalist. I continue to funnel my energies into where my next travel is going to lead me. Is that a bad thing or is it time to be a bit more pre-emptive about when my body’s energy tank is going to run out and I will be Old? Also, am I being a travel snob just trying to fool herself that only living on the road will make her happy?

Is it time to settle and stop pondering the next ‘If only…?’, or can I catch the next flight? Well. Goddamn, ignorance must be bliss.

Well I guess no book chapter can’t start without relating to the last, so as the next pages of my future memoirs are set out. Let’s just hope it’s a best seller because there isn’t any other way I’m going to be able to fund my retirement home residence once I go senile otherwise.

Time for another coffee.

Interviewing the ladies of sass + bide - Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton - backstage at London Fashion Week AW10 for Australian Times.

Interviewing the ladies of sass + bide - Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton - backstage at London Fashion Week AW10 for Australian Times.